Skeletal Sandbox

Close your toughest dental cases in seconds.

Have you ever had a patient decline treatment after a consultation?

The majority of the time, patients decline treatment because they don't understand what they need, why they need it, or how it's going to be done. However, closing a complicated and costly dental case becomes easy when your patient fully understands what's at stake.

Tooth Sandbox is a program that helps you quickly and easily explain difficult treatment concepts to a patient, resulting in less time spent explaining, greater patient understanding and increased willingness to proceed with treatment. Its simple and effective interface, easy to learn controls and low cost make Tooth Sandbox an invaluable addition to the modern dentist's repertoire.

Tooth Sandbox can be operated with only a mouse and can be used on virtually any computer in the world; whether Windows, Mac, or Linux. As long as you have a computer in your office there is no need to buy any more equipment.

Becoming an expert at Tooth Sandbox takes less than five minutes. Please try our free interactive tutorial. The tutorial is located at the bottom of the home page.

There are three levels of the Tooth Sandbox program:

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And Tooth Sandbox is fully compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

There are three levels of Tooth Sandbox: Basic, Pro and Advanced.

Please watch the demonstration videos and try the tutorial on the front page.

Your purchase of Tooth Sandbox Basic, Pro or Advanced includes a customized Tooth Sandbox program that includes your name and logo.